A Man In Full

A Man In Full

“A Man-in-Full”– A Men’s Support Group

The purpose of a men’s group is to provide a setting for men to get together and talk about shared life-experiences – what has worked in their lives and what hasn’t – for the sake of becoming a Man-in-Full; a man with a strong sense of self, who lives out his values and character in each and every relationship.

Some of the common topics that have been discussed in past groups:

  • Difficulties balancing a healthy home-work perspective
  • Questioning the relationship with their spouse
  • Defining the right interactions with their children
  • Coping with the stress of providing for the family adequately
  • Struggles with insecurity at work and/or at home
  • General feelings of frustration, disappointment, sadness, anger or fear
  • Carrying the weight and burden of marriage betrayal

This next group is “The Life You Want” —  part of our “A Man in Full” series.

*Next Group starting Fall 2017


Jan Jan Zachariasse, Leadership Coach is the creator of A Man in Full and Group Facilitator