Staci Bostic, LCSW

Clinical Director & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Staci Bostic, LCSW

Staci is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the Clinical Director, and an Independent Contractor at our Leesburg location. She has 20+ years of experience helping people resolve difficulties that they have encountered in their life. Staci grew up in Queens, NY, attended College at William Smith College in Geneva, NY and received her Masters Degree in Social Work from The University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Social Work.

Her professional career began at a Foster Care agency in Brooklyn, NY where she developed and conducted an eight week Parental Skills Enhancement Program for parents of children who were in Foster Care. She also conducted Foster Parent Certification Training and began doing therapy with children and adolescents who were placed in foster care. She assisted the children in the adjustment process as well as worked with them in resolving behavior problems. She then moved to Detroit, MI where she worked primarily with high-risk Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents. Her treatment focused on parenting skills, coping skills and building self-esteem. After leaving Detroit, she settled with her family in Loudoun County.

Initially, she worked at a Treatment Foster Care Agency where she did therapy with high- risk adolescents who were placed in Foster Homes. Working on behavioral issues, building self-esteem and preparing them to be independent after “aging out” of the Foster Care System. After that, Staci worked at Loudoun County Mental Health Emergency Services where she conducted emergency mental health evaluations. She worked very closely with Law Enforcement, the local Emergency Departments and other Community Partners. She then accepted a position as a Therapist working for INOVA Loudoun Behavioral Health at the Inpatient LAMPS Program. As a Therapist, she worked with adults and did individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and couples therapy and assisted patients in preparing for discharge back into the community.

At her various jobs, Staci gained a wealth of knowledge and lots of experience in working with people who simply needed to make strategic changes in their lives. She primarily works from a systems perspective and believes in examining the environment that people live, work and play in. From there, she advises strengthening the individual’s place in their environment. She understands that many people live with a lot of stress and she is passionate about helping people identify the source of their stress and to find ways to cope with it. She has found meditation and mindfulness to be helpful tools that people can use to cope with change. Staci helps people look within themselves to find their inner strength and to use that strength as a means of coping. If you are ready to make changes but you don’t know where to start, Staci can help.