Healing From Trauma

Healing From Trauma

This group is for adults whose previous exposure to/experience with trauma (i.e. abuse, family violence, loss) is impacting their current functioning. Group members will be able to express their personal narratives and start the healing process in a supportive environment. The group is led by Alonda Alloway, Ph.D. LSW, and will meet on Wednesdays from 6-8pm, from June 14 – July 19.  The group will meet at our Leesburg location: 215 Depot Ct. SE, Suite 350, Leesburg, VA. The cost is $240.


Dr. Alonda Alloway is licensed social worker who works at our Ashburn office and is completing her clinical residency at The Wellness Connection, LLC.  Dr. Alloway has nearly 20 years of counseling experience working individuals and groups ranging from children to adults and couples. She has also served as an adjunct professor of social work for over 10 years.

The majority of Dr. Alloway’s counseling practice has been with populations at-risk or in crisis.  She began her career working as a housing counselor for homeless and potentially homeless adults and families in Northern Virginia.  She then moved to New Jersey where she worked as a school social worker in alternative education settings and later began working as an adjunct professor.  While working at the two very different settings, she began a mentoring program that bridged her college students who were learning to become social workers with her alternative education students who needed positive role models.  After leaving New Jersey, Dr. Alloway returned to Northern Virginia where she resumed work as a school social worker and began providing in-home counseling to at-risk youth.