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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy


Most people do not know how important a role the food they eat plays in their overall health.  Food can affect your mood, cause inflammation, and lead to disease.  Simple changes in your diet can have a huge impact in your health and lifestyle.

At the Wellness Connection, we offer personalized nutrition coaching, support groups and workshops to help you identify issues, increase awareness, and develop a plan. The goals of your personalized nutrition program are to radically improve your life, to resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and to provide you with a new set of tools for a lifetime of balance. We will work on finding the right foods for your body and your lifestyle. This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results.

_KNS0079-Edit   Cynthia Thurlow, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and Certified Wellness Coach, can help you in multiple ways.  She is uniquely qualified to test your adrenal function, blood sugar levels, and digestive health, in addition to educating you on what to eat/what not to eat to improve your health.

Test Your:

  • Adrenal Function
  • Food Sensitivities
  • GI Testing

One-on-One Coaching:

  • Setting goals
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Food counseling & sensitivity testing
  • Making simple lifestyle changes
  • Making better food choices
  • Menu planning and Healthy cooking

Support Groups: