Stone Ridge Address: 24600 Millstream Drive, Suite 340 Stone Ridge, VA 20105

Community outreach is an integral part of our mission! The objective of our community outreach is to offer wellness solutions in an easily accessible, affordable format to our surrounding communities. We feel extremely privileged for serving our community in the following ways:

  • Local Farmers’ Market in Stone Ridge, VA from April through October
  • Lunch & Learns for area school counselors, social workers, churches, and businesses that help train them in the latest methods in mental health
  • Parent Coffees at area schools on various parenting subjects
  • A 501(c)(3) foundation that supports families in our area who have faced adversity (The Cormac Finn McCarty Foundation). They provide scholarships for families in need who may need mental health services.
  • Informative blogs and monthly educational newsletters
  • Training and Clinical Practicum for Interns and Residents from local Universities. This allows us to offer sliding scale fees to our patients.

Not Sure where to begin?

Schedule a Free Consultation Now or Call our office at 703-327-0335, and after a few quick questions from our intake coordinator, we will have you on your way. Feel free to email us with any questions:

About Us

The Wellness Connection is a “one-stop-shop” that brings you together with your providers in a collaborative partnership to optimize health and well-being. We believe that wellness requires a system of healthcare professionals, collaborating on the overall care of the patient to initiate permanent positive change. We are committed to confronting the issue of mental health and improving overall health and wellness.

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24600 Millstream Drive, Suite 340
Stone Ridge, VA 20105

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