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I had my first acupuncture appointment with Justin today and he far exceeded my expectations! I walked in feeling anxious and unsure of what it entailed but Justin walked me through every step and constantly checked in to make sure I was doing ok. He is extremely professional, answering any questions I had when I had them. Going forward with my next two appointments, I can go feeling confident in his expertise and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed! Thank you Justin!”–Angela


Paula Miller was EXCELLENT……you could tell she had some major experience. I found her delightful, professional, and she had/has quite the ‘healing touch’. What I saw of Wellness Connection was very welcoming. I felt embraced from the moment I walked in the door. Congratulations on putting such a place together. Thank you for providing such a place, a place that is so very needed, for our community.” – Carol


The Wellness Challenge has been a well rounded, fun and inspirational program that has covered many aspects of mind-body-spirit wellness. I have benefited greatly from the weekly support group, challenges and off site group activities and have incorporated many new suggested changes in my life to reach my personal goal of weight loss. Great Program! — Deanna


My experience during the 2014 Wellness Challenge has been wonderful. I have really learned the importance of taking care of my whole self, body, mind and spirit. I will never forget this journey. Thank you! — Debbie


As mothers, sometimes we forget the most important part of our life, taking care of me! Yes, the family is very important but if I am not healthy then the family will not function as well as it should. It is a great pleasure to get back into some clothes I have kept for “that day when I lose the weight”. I feel better about myself and how I look. My family is proud of me and have been very supportive through my journey. It definitely works on the patience because I was one of those that wanted everything at once but you know best…a little at a time. Also, one of the many things I learned was lose 1-2 lbs per week. Everyone wants to lose it all at once, but then it is harder to keep it off. I will continue to use everything I learned on a daily basis to keep my mind, body and spirit healthy for myself and my family. Your staff is #1 in my opinion. Everyone always had a positive attitude and a warm greeting every time I saw them. Your instructors are very supportive and they have made exercise more enjoyable than just a chore. I cannot say enough about Astrid! With her as your instructor, how could you not LOVE Zumba class. I will recommend your program to anyone I can because I think it is well worth the time. Thank you again for helping me change my life for the better! — Della


The Wellness Challenge has been an amazing experience for me. It started me on the journey to overall health, inside and out. I loved this place so much and what they believe in that I wanted to be here more often…so I started to work here! The Wellness Connection is a blessing in Stone Ridge! — Traci


Being a part of the Wellness Connection Wellness Challenge was such a positive experience! Not only was it wonderful to receive great tips to keep my body healthy, but the weekly support meetings were a fantastic addition, and were chock full of tips on how to maintain a healthy mind & spirit. The employees at the Wellness Connection are very supportive and encouraging and provide a safe space in which to grow. — Wellness Challenge Participant


Wow! In one word, which I do not normally do very well, actually can not do…tonight was…INSPIRING!!! — Mental Health Client


I am truly grateful for having met [your team]. We are true believers. We hope that some may seek SRWC on their own. We’ll keep passing on good PR whenever the opportunity arises. —Kid’s Alliance Dad


I finally received a compliment from my mom….she said she has never seen me looking and feeling so good. —Wellness & Life Coaching Client


[My Wellness Coach] is by far the best one of four top-level coaches I’ve had over the years. She listens so deeply that she hears things I wasn’t even aware of saying. She asks challenging questions that inspire me to see things in a new way and reveal so many options I didn’t know I had. Most importantly, [My Wellness Coach] is committed to helping her clients achieve transformative shifts for better living; that’s what she did for me. With a new attitude, I am 45 pounds lighter and finally love exercise! —Wellness & Life Coaching Client


Transformational is right. Clearly this is about so much more than just weight and [they] recognize that. With other programs, I never felt so capable and choosy. After a lifetime of struggling, I am now back to the size (10) I was as a newlywed 18 years ago. I am truly having fun and feel so empowered. —Wellness & Life Coaching Client (Mother of 2)


The Wellness Connection offers a different kind of therapy. They take the time to talk with me, understand my struggles, and put small steps together to help me reach my goals. They have worked wonders in just 2 short months. I have been in therapy throughout my life, and never have I made the strides I am with my counselor at the Wellness Connection. —Mental Health Client


I love Yoga at the Wellness Connection. The space is beautiful and the teachers are truly gifted. Often yoga class is the best part of my day! —Yoga Student


My son has never connected very well to any therapist, now he begs me to take him each week to his Occupational Therapist and we are seeing such wonderful progress. —Occupational Therapist Client


Wow, from my initial phone call I felt listened to. Hannah was wonderful, and was even able to call me back with an earlier appointment for my daughter. The office is lovely, inviting and comfortable. We loved the lime water:) Dr. Iqbal was kind, a good listener, professional, and informative. She was very good with my 12 year old daughter. Her office was so relaxing and inviting, and overlooked a lovely lake. Although my daughter was having some emotional trouble that day, she remained patient and un-phased as she talked to me. Her advice for medication was perfect. Was a much needed calm and reassuring appointment. Thank you again! —A Parent at our Stone Ridge Location

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The Wellness Connection is a “one-stop-shop” that brings you together with your providers in a collaborative partnership to optimize health and well-being. We believe that wellness requires a system of healthcare professionals, collaborating on the overall care of the patient to initiate permanent positive change. We are committed to confronting the issue of mental health and improving overall health and wellness.

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