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Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at our Stone Ridge location. She has been in the field of Counseling for over 10 years.

What inspires me to do this work?

I truly believe that everyone experiences challenges across the lifespan, which leads them to developing coping skills to overcome those challenges. There are times in everyone’s life, when for some reason,they are struggling to cope, and therefore they can benefit greatly from additional support. This is why I am passionate about supporting people who are committed to improving their lives.Leading a life of wellness can mean different things to each individual person, and I find this motivating in the work I do each day. This is what inspires me to support people in leading well balanced and healthy lives.

My specialty…

I work with Adults from ages 18 and older. I connect on a personal level with young adults, but also have over 10 years of experience working with middle aged adults and elders.I have experience working with adults, elderly, families, and caregivers. I specialize in counseling related to depression, anxiety, aging, grief and loss, medical illness, and adjustment to changes across the lifespan. The combination of education in psychology and social work, along with years of experience providing Care Management in communities connecting clients to resources, allows me to bring a unique array of skills with the support I provide.

How do I spend my time?

I strive to lead a healthy and well-balanced life. I enjoy yoga, exercise, hiking, gardening, playing the acoustic guitar, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, and spending time with others. The reason why I enjoy these activities, is because they help rejuvenate me by giving me a chance to connect my body, mind, and spirit. Of course, there are days where I am too busy, but I try to stay mindful of how helpful they can be, if I just stay in the present moment, and make a little time for at least one of the activities each day. This is when I feel wellness present in my life.

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