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Stubborn hormonal fat hit Laurie Lewis hard in 2012, causing her to suddenly gain 50 pounds. She tried everything – the old tricks that always worked – to no avail. At a particularly despondent time, a YouTube video unexpectedly popped up, which would turn the course of her life. She stayed up all night learning about Intermittent Fasting, and started that very same day in 2017.

16 months later, Laurie has resumed her slender weight and is healthfully living an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. She combines her 20+ year study of nutrition with her research and practice of Intermittent Fasting to support us with a dream come true… eat the foods you love over the Holidays, and hit January 1st without any holiday weight gain. YES! It is possible!

Laurie combines her keen listening and caring style with a no nonsense coaching approach. She wants you to succeed!

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