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Madison is the owner of EMpower Yoga Therapy & Wellness Services, yoga with Evelyn Madison, where she offers private and group yoga therapy. Madison found yoga after years of battling her anxiety and mood disorders. Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at age eight, Madison spent her childhood and teenage years going on and off of different medications and working with various therapists. After fluctuating between intense anxiety attacks and low, deep depressive episodes during her senior year of college, Madison’s body stopped working properly and she spent a whole year investigating it, seeing over six specialists, and finding no answers. It wasn’t until she started attending regular yoga classes and trying just five-minutes of meditation a day, that she started to feel better. Madison started teaching yoga techniques to other friends and community members who also suffered from anxiety. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to make a career out of it and moved to Philadelphia to pursue yoga & yoga therapy training at the YogaLife Institute.  

Yoga Therapy is a holistic, individualistic approach to healing where yoga practices are used to reduce stress and promote balance in the mind-body. The yoga therapist assesses the individual’s overall lifestyle to determine which yoga practices are most beneficial to support the client. The client is an active participant in their healing and is empowered and educated by the yoga therapist to create small, yet powerful shifts to create balance within the systems of the body and the mind.

Madison completed her first year of yoga training and continued to see dramatic results, going off of six medications in a year. She started her wellness coaching and yoga therapy business and continued into the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife a part of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In this three year program, students learn clinical skills and how to apply yoga therapy to various diseases and populations. Madison specializes in anxiety and depression and believes all of her experiences with depression and anxiety were a gift that led her to this path as a yoga therapist.

When Madison isn’t doing or teaching yoga, she is out in nature with her yoga dog, Timber, or traveling and relaxing with her family & friends. Madison’s has two great passions in life, people & yoga.

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