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Megan is practicing as mental health coach, as she awaits her independent license to transfer to Virginia. Megan studied Psychology while attending Ohio University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree. After taking time to travel and teach abroad she continued her education at Penn State University where she studied Mental Health Counseling receiving her Masters Degree. Shortly after, she moved to Virginia where she was a high school counselor in Loudoun County. Megan was a school counselor for 2 years before moving to Arizona where she received her LPC while providing therapy to adults and adolescents with a focus on substance abuse. After leaving Arizona, Megan moved to Ohio and worked as an independent clinician doing family, individual and couples counseling. Additionally, Megan saw adolescents who were historically or currently involved in the juvenile justice system and utilized evidenced based Multi-Systemic Therapy to help support these adolescents and their families.

Megan has a strong passion working with adolescents mainly ages 10-24. Along with adolescents she feels strongly and has experience working with adults and supporting parents in various capacities. Megan has an integrative approach to therapy focusing on the whole system functioning and utilizing various techniques to best treat the client. Megan has a strong belief that each person needs individualized focus and therapy needs to be a relational process.

Megan is married and has 2 children, named Sawyer and Lola and is excited about starting her new journey in Virginia. She is passionate about connecting with clients and ensuring each client gains the appropriate emotional regulation, understanding of cognitions and the ability to integrate both emotions and cognitions.

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