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Ron is currently a Resident in Counseling in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is working towards his license as a Licensed Professional Counselor. He is being supervised by Dan Towery, LPC. Ron earned his B.S. in Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University. He earned his M.A. from a CACREP accredited program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marymount University, where he took electives in grief and loss, human sexuality, and world religions to gain skills as well as further his multicultural competency in his desired populations of interest. Ron completed his practicum and internship at a substance abuse clinic in Arlington, Virginia working alongside a team to help empower clients to overcome their addictions, restore balance to their lives, and explore new meaningful ways of living. He is a member of the American Counseling Association.

Ron is passionate about guiding clients on their journey to discover greater life satisfaction, well-being, and authentic living. In session he is compassionate, warm, and genuine, focusing on facilitating a trusting and non-judgmental environment to foster free exploration of thoughts and emotions, creating the space needed for growth and positive change.

Ron utilizes an integrative and holistic approach that incorporates Existential Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, and DBT-based approaches. He works with his clients to uncover and embrace their personal strengths and values, overcome their personal challenges, and navigate barriers to connecting with the self or others authentically.

Ron specializes in connecting with young adults who are struggling to establish meaningful relationships, caught in the grips of low-self esteem, or those having difficulties with overall life satisfaction. He is open to working with individuals, couples and the LGBTQIA+ community. Ron’s experience includes working with issues such as addiction, anxiety, career issues, chronic illness, depression, grief issues, life adjustment/transitions, and dating/relationship issues.

Born and raised in the Northern Virginia, Ron is well accustomed to the busy lifestyle of the area. He enjoys spending time with his partner in marriage, family, friends, and ESPECIALLY his high maintenance parakeet (Dewey). During his free time Ron loves ranked online gaming, working out, music, dancing, and learning new things. When he’s in the mood, he also can be quite the cook. He is passionate about the importance of mental and physical health, reducing the stigma associated with mental health, and strives to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

  • Tel: (703) 327-0335