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Sherry Brown, MA, ATR 

Sherry is a graduate from Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College where she received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy. Sherry’s love for art therapy began in 2004 as an Undergraduate at Old Dominion University. While volunteering at a women and children’s shelter she witnessed how art therapy enhanced and improved the well-being of the individuals who participated in the art therapy sessions. This experience was so impactful on Sherry that she later decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in art therapy. 

As a Registered Art Therapist, Sherry has worked with a vast variety of populations. These populations range from adults and adolescents with chronic mental illness in short-term psychiatric hospitals, at-risk-youth, individuals with cancer, and adults suffering from addictions in partial hospitalization settings.

After practicing art therapy for numerous years, Sherry believes that her compassion for others, calming demeanor, and patience are a few of her personality traits that allow her to connect with her clients. During her art therapy sessions, individuals are able to unite their past, present, and future allowing opportunity for self-discovery and healing. During her career in art therapy, Sherry has realized that the most rewarding part of her workday is seeing individuals improve their level of recovery and proceed to live their lives to its fullest potential. During her free time, she enjoys meditation, reading, art, and spending time with her husband and her French Bulldog Tobin. 

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